DSP Design

DSP Primer

Target Audience

Engineers and designers who have an interest in Digital Signal Processing theory and wish to refresh their knowledge or explore the concepts of DSP through an introductory theory course


This workshop provides a foundation for Digital Signal Processing theory to serve as either a refresher or as an introductory course.

The focus is on:

  • A foundation in signal processing concepts and terminology
  • Filtering concepts and techniques
  • Convolutions
  • Transforms
  • Filter design
  • Advanced digital filters
  • Fourier transforms
  • Factors relevant to efficient implementation in hardware

Building High Performance DSP Functions

Target Audience

System engineers, system designers, logic designers, and experienced hardware engineers who are implementing Versal AI Engine, HDL, and HLS algorithms using the MathWorks MATLAB® and Simulink® software and want to use Vitis Model Composer


This workshop provides experience with using the Vitis™ Model Composer tool for model-based designs.

The course provides experience with:

  • Creating a model-based design using HDL, HLS, and AIE library blocks along with custom blocks in Vitis Model Composer
  • Implementing DSP functions using Vitis Model Composer
  • Utilizing design implementation tools
  • Transforming algorithmic specifications to production-quality IP implementations using automatic optimizations and leveraging the high-level synthesis technology of the Vitis HLS tool
  • Creating Versal® AI Engine graphs and kernels using Vitis Model Composer
  • Connecting AI Engine blocks and non-AI Engine blocks
  • Verifying and debugging AI Engine code using the Vitis analyzer
  • Simulating and debugging a complex system created using AI Engine library blocks