Fast-track your project with QuickStart and gain a competitive edge.

A unique collaboration between DesignLinx, the experts in AMD-Xilinx FPGA design solutions, and 2RTP, the experts in technical learning, QuickStart™ gives your team an edge during the initial design phase of your AMD-Xilinx project. Featuring two components — Learning Workshop and Xpert-on-Demand™

QuickStart is flexible. Choose one component or both, depending on your team’s needs.

Learning Workshop

Expand your team’s skills with a customized learning workshop. Conducted by 2RTP, the workshop is engaging, interactive, and practical. Topics are selected and tailored to meet your team’s unique needs and goals. Examples include, but are not limited to:
Versal ACAP
ACAP and FPGA Design Methodologies
Embedded Design
Algorithm Acceleration


Bring in-depth experience to your team with a DesignLinx Xpert-on-Demand. From coding and verification to implementation tasking, a senior DesignLinx FPGA engineer works hand in hand with your team to pass along knowledge and ensure your AMD-Xilinx project is off to a great start.

Maximize your success with QuickStart

• Optimize design with a better understanding of advanced and proven FPGA design techniques.
• Enhance productivity using essential design, verification, and simulation methodologies.
• Decrease time to production and fast-track time to revenue.