Reg did an excellent job. Looking forward to Level 2

      Great training, really interesting. This was a remote course; loved Reg as the teacher; great pace; has a good ability to keep your attention on the subject.

        Reg was excellent. His mastery of the topic is impressive. I have taken some basic DSP courses, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the course. Luckily, the course material is pretty good. So, I’ll refer to it as I continue to grow my DSP knowledge.

          Instructor was excellent at answering any questions.

            Reg was great. My knowledge of HLS went from 0 to 7 in two days.

              As always Reg did a great job.

                Really enjoyed it … super interesting

                  When I first started looking at Vivado, I felt very overwhelmed by all the constraints, and I had a hard time finding the right documentation to clarify how to use them. Now I feel like I know enough to get started…

                    Course was really good. Reg is very knowledge and engaging. He was also enthusiastic about the material so that made it even more engaging. 🙂

                      Reg, you had a lot of insight regarding so many aspects and details of the hardware and tools. Thank you! It was a positive experience.

                        Reg is a terrific instructor

                          Reg is extremely knowledgeable, super presentation.

                            It was really interesting and Reg is a great lecturer.

                              Great instructor. Explained the topic very well and kept it engaging. Highly recommend this course for those new to FPGA designing

                                Once again a great learning experiences. Thank you very much Reg!! Will register for a new workshop soon. Thanks.