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All our instructors are former AMD-Xilinx Designers, Field Applications Engineers and Trainers. With over 3 decades of AMD-Xilinx experience, we have the knowledge to get your design completed faster.

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Our Team

Our Professional Team

Each with over 3 decades of AMD-Xilinx experience

Reg Zatrepalek

Reg Zatrepalek

Director, FPGA and ACAP Workshop Solutions

10 years FPGA design experience
13 years Xilinx FAE
7 years DSP Specialist
13 years FPGA and ACAP Training Specialist
Outstanding Instructor of the Year for North America
2017, 2018, 2019, 2021

Rick Eggleton

Rick Eggleton

ACAP and FPGA Specialist

15 years Xilinx FAE
2 years BrioConcept VP Business Development
3 years Hardent Inc FPGA and ACAP Training Specialist