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Our Workshops

Instructional workshops covering a wide range of AMD-Xilinx design topics

Device Architecture

Discover the AMD-Xilinx families of devices and learn about how to use them in your projects

Programmable Logic Design

Everything from writing constraints to best design practices

Embedded Software Design

How to set up your software applications and projects

Tools and Flows

From Vivado to Vitis and everything in between. Learn the secrets to using AMD-Xilinx design tools efficiently

Algorithm Acceleration

Discover how to accelerate your software applications up to 1000x by using AMD-Xilinx kernel accelerators

DSP Design

Understand Digital Signal Processing design and how to implement algorithms in FPGAs and ACAPs

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About 2RTP

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All our instructors are former AMD-Xilinx Designers, Field Applications Engineers and Trainers. With over 3 decades of AMD-Xilinx experience, we have the knowledge to get your design completed faster.

What Clients Say About Us

Decreasing Time to Market by increasing designers’ efficiency

    Reg did an excellent job. Looking forward to Level 2

      Great training, really interesting. This was a remote course; loved Reg as the teacher; great pace; has a good ability to keep your attention on the subject.

        Reg was excellent. His mastery of the topic is impressive. I have taken some basic DSP courses, but it wasn’t enough to keep up with the course. Luckily, the course material is pretty good. So, I’ll refer to it as I continue to grow my DSP knowledge.

          Instructor was excellent at answering any questions.

            Reg was great. My knowledge of HLS went from 0 to 7 in two days.

              As always Reg did a great job.

                Really enjoyed it … super interesting

                  When I first started looking at Vivado, I felt very overwhelmed by all the constraints, and I had a hard time finding the right documentation to clarify how to use them. Now I feel like I know enough to get started…

                    Course was really good. Reg is very knowledge and engaging. He was also enthusiastic about the material so that made it even more engaging. 🙂

                      Reg, you had a lot of insight regarding so many aspects and details of the hardware and tools. Thank you! It was a positive experience.

                        Reg is a terrific instructor

                          Reg is extremely knowledgeable, super presentation.

                            It was really interesting and Reg is a great lecturer.

                              Great instructor. Explained the topic very well and kept it engaging. Highly recommend this course for those new to FPGA designing

                                Once again a great learning experiences. Thank you very much Reg!! Will register for a new workshop soon. Thanks.

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